Canadian and US Foods you can’t get in Hong Kong!

Are you ready for the holidays?

Missing the best snacks from back home?

Want to give snacks from another country a shot? 

Trusu’s got you covered with our curated list of boxes from the US, Canada, India, France, and Japan with a good mix of sweet, salty or savory to kill those cravings. We ship any product from 1000’s of retailers in the US direct to Hong Kong, check us out: To get more specifics on any of the products, just click the links below them.




US snacks are internationally renowned for their amazing sweet and salty offerings. Here are some boxes that provide a good mix of the variety the US has to offer along with a few must-have individual items that are highly recommended just by themselves.


OxBox Care Package- 46 Count- Ultimate Sampler Mixed Bars, Cookies, Chips, Candy Snacks


 Hangry Kits

HANGRY KIT - Essential Kit -Sweet and Salty Snack Care Package - Gift Pack - Variety of 40 Chips, Candies & Cookies Included


Buffalo Jerky


Fudge Covered Twinkies


Cake Mix & Icing


Canadians are proud of their brands and products – mostly because they taste so good and are hard to find in other places once you leave home. We put together a quick collection of items to make it seem like you never left Canada.

Sweet, Sweet Maple Syrup


A staple for any Canadian – Tim Horton’s Coffee & Hot Chocolate

Mac N’ Cheese


Hearty Cambell’s Soup


International Favorites

Aside from the Canada and US, here are some notable food favorites that are adored on a global scale.


Gourmet Belgian Waffles



Japanese Variety Candy Box

Japanese Wasabi Almonds


Japanese Sweet N Salty Snack Pack


Indian Sweet N Sour Fry Mix

This is just a quick glimpse of products we thought might interest you but we can get virtually anything at We just launched our new site, and now we support Walmart, Costco, & Amazon. Grab a URL, paste it into our site, and get it delivered. Simple.

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