Keep your dog healthy happy with these items

A happy wife is a happy life and a happy puppy is a happy wife.


Treat your dog to a little something

Nothing keeps your pup happier than keeping him healthy. Hong Kong has a tick problem. Sure, you can try tick collars, but if you want to go with something that works, spend a little more and go for the K9 medicine. You only have to use it once a month to keep your doggy free to roam around outside.

Bayer K9 Advantix II (Over 55-lbs)



Don’t forget to pamper him with the finest foods from America. You think its ok you eat out every week at your favorite restaurant while he gets dinner scraps? This dry food has real 100% beef, you know, because dogs take on cows in the wild.

Wag Dry Dog Food, No Added Grain, Beef & Lentil Recipe with Wild Boar



After a large meal, he’s going to want a nap. Dogs work hard you know! This plush bed is fit for a king! (also Golden Retrievers). Just be careful, you might want to trade beds.

LOAOL 4″ Durable WATERPROOF Memory Foam Pet Bed Mattress Orthopedic Dog Sofa Couch with Changeable Cover



We all know Dogs are perfect except for one thing, their constant shedding. There’s two tools you can use for quick and easy deshedding.


The first is a simple quality Furminator. Fuminate all your fur.


Furminator deShedding Tool for Dogs – Short, Medium or Long Hair




But the deshedding glove is more HANDS ON. You also invite your friends over and greet them while slowly petting your dog with these in the dark.

Upgrade Version Pet Grooming Gloves for Dogs and Cats (2-Piece Set) Gentle Deshedding Mitt | Professional Groomer Tool & Underco




Finally, don’t forget that your dogs favorite thing in the world will just be playing with you. Here are three amazing dog toys.



Great for fetch!

Chuckit! Indoor Ball




This popular pet toy is made to be destroyed. Once your dog tears it apart, there’s a little something special inside.

Multipet Plush Dog Toy




For when you go out for sushi, let your dog participate with this squeaker.

ZippyPaws NomNomz Plush Squeaker Dog Toy For The Foodie Pup



There’s always tons of other pet toys not available in Hong Kong. Submit any product URL at http://trusu.comĀ and get instant pricing.

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