Become a millionaire at the race track without gambling

Well not a millionaire in cash per se…but here’s how you can feel like a million bucks on the next Happy Wednesday at Happy Valley. With these items, everyone will be a winner.

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Just because you are going to race track, doesn’t mean you have to gamble on having a good time.


First, let’s sneak in some tasty snacks for you instead of the same four options at the counter.

Annie’s Fruit SnacksĀ 


Gummies not your style? Want something a little healthier?


Try Clif Bars Variety Pack


Only sold in the USA, they are the tastiest health bars you will ever try. This variety pack gives you a no risk way to try all the flavors (although my personal favorite is blueberry crisp).


Is the weather chapping your lips?


Get Burt’s Bees Lip Balm


Let’s not forget to dress the part. Even though Polo is a totally different thing than horse racing, people will just see the Ralph Lauren Horse logo and go “heh.”

Mission accomplished.


Ralph Lauren Polo Hat

Ralph Lauren Grey Polo Shirt




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