Is Soylent actually made of people?

No, it turns out that it is not made of people.

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It is made more of whey than Will and oil than Oliver. At 20% protein, it is full of tons of completely vegan ingredients to provide you will a full meal replacement or simply a healthy snack.


This unusual drink comes in four delicious flavors and has been starting to become popular in Hong Kong. It is already wildly popular in Silicon Valley and has started selling in 7/11’s around the USA.



Everyone’s first impression of soylent is the same: What? Why would you even–?


The idea is instead of snacking on chips or unhealthy snacks in the middle of the day, you can open up a Soylent and know you have a healthy but still tasty snack that keeps you satisfied throughout the day.


The most popular flavors sold on Trusu are original, vanilla, and cacao. They all have an almost milky taste to them. It is best drank while cold, right out of the fridge.



Cacao is by far the winner, tasting very similar to Vitasoy, but with less sugar and much more filling.



More diehard Soylent fans drink soylent as entire meals, using it as a backup when they are indecisive or too lazy to decide what to eat. Sound like a good option for when your girlfriend is being difficult with dinner plans? Try at your own peril.

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